kit1000_1 (9:20:40 PM): i think all the DNC delegates are drunk
Jack (9:21:14 PM): i have this awful fear he's gonna suck BIG
kit1000_1 (9:21:36 PM): HOPE not. hard to follow Joe Biden
Jack (9:21:57 PM): ha
Jack (9:21:57 PM): i would think easy!
kit1000_1 (9:22:04 PM): did you hear him?
Jack (9:22:10 PM): no
kit1000_1 (9:22:16 PM): best speech i've heard
Jack (9:22:22 PM): and i've been watchin this crap for a while
Jack (9:22:22 PM): get out
kit1000_1 (9:22:35 PM): no, he was really powerful
kit1000_1 (9:22:42 PM): brought tears to my eyes
Jack (9:22:48 PM): i never much cared for him
Jack (9:22:53 PM): look at this crap
Jack (9:23:09 PM): orgy!
kit1000_1 (9:23:26 PM): one more bastardized pop songs and I'm gonna blow
Jack (9:23:31 PM): what the heck
Jack (9:23:42 PM): eek
kit1000_1 (9:23:54 PM): uck
Jack (9:24:16 PM): she's bad
kit1000_1 (9:24:23 PM): barforama
Jack (9:24:28 PM): memorize something for dad why don't ya
Jack (9:24:43 PM): she is SO acting
Jack (9:24:43 PM): bad stuff
Jack (9:24:48 PM): bad reading!
kit1000_1 (9:24:58 PM): hope the nation is taking a pee break
Jack (9:25:09 PM): i can assure you (let me find my place) that he's a loving man
kit1000_1 (9:25:22 PM): poor
Jack (9:25:38 PM): can't ya just tell that you'd hate her guts
Jack (9:25:52 PM): this is not good.
kit1000_1 (9:25:55 PM): we always called them LFLHs
Jack (9:26:01 PM): what's with da hands
Jack (9:26:08 PM): LFLH?
kit1000_1 (9:26:10 PM): long-hair-long-faces
Jack (9:26:26 PM): ha
Jack (9:26:38 PM): she's a kerry
kit1000_1 (9:26:38 PM): stop clutching your non-boobs!!
Jack (9:27:00 PM): how old is she?
kit1000_1 (9:27:03 PM): skerry kerry
kit1000_1 (9:27:10 PM): dunno
Jack (9:27:31 PM): and at my fathers core is (look at prompter) ............... integrity.
Jack (9:27:36 PM): oye
Jack (9:28:08 PM): i'll never forget when he pulled her plug
Jack (9:28:14 PM): and she eased off into death... OOOPS.... I mean...
kit1000_1 (9:28:24 PM): HA
Jack (9:28:30 PM): when he gave her a jump start when her car stalled
kit1000_1 (9:28:41 PM): lol
Jack (9:28:55 PM): GET OFF
Jack (9:29:01 PM): where is that huge HOOK when you need it
kit1000_1 (9:29:12 PM): my father's guts. not a good phrase.
Jack (9:29:24 PM): i can tell you she does not play in the midwest
kit1000_1 (9:29:33 PM): ooh she's the hot one
Jack (9:29:39 PM): finally, the GOOD one
Jack (9:29:44 PM): yes... she is
Jack (9:29:55 PM): with real boobs
kit1000_1 (9:30:05 PM): yep
Jack (9:30:20 PM): funny, cause they have similar features, they just come together better over here...
Jack (9:30:25 PM): the horse face must be jealous
kit1000_1 (9:30:36 PM): they HAD to let her speak..
kit1000_1 (9:30:42 PM): horseface
Jack (9:31:23 PM): see, now that plays
kit1000_1 (9:31:27 PM): well
Jack (9:31:33 PM): she's actually telling a story here
kit1000_1 (9:31:36 PM): true
Jack (9:31:42 PM): like she knows it
kit1000_1 (9:31:44 PM): she may save it
Jack (9:32:23 PM): this is good.
Jack (9:33:04 PM): she should run, she's good.
kit1000_1 (9:33:25 PM): after she ages a little. after her first oscar.
Jack (9:34:08 PM): good poise...
Jack (9:34:08 PM): much better reader!
Jack (9:34:48 PM): good speech...
Jack (9:34:54 PM): that was good...
kit1000_1 (9:35:05 PM): absolutely
Jack (9:35:11 PM): uhoh
kit1000_1 (9:35:17 PM): our our
kit1000_1 (9:35:46 PM): eeeeeeeeeeee
Jack (9:35:56 PM): what?
Jack (9:35:56 PM): spielberg
kit1000_1 (9:36:02 PM): oh yeah
Jack (9:36:24 PM): look out for the soft fog cam
Jack (9:36:36 PM): morgan freeman?
kit1000_1 (9:36:39 PM): sigh
kit1000_1 (9:37:00 PM): ha
kit1000_1 (9:37:19 PM): JK was born in Colo and grew up in New England - like me!
Jack (9:37:35 PM): hmm
kit1000_1 (9:37:37 PM): eek
Jack (9:37:48 PM): this is so cool... garage band!
kit1000_1 (9:38:03 PM): gotta love that
kit1000_1 (9:38:17 PM): hey that was Dean!
Jack (9:38:44 PM): cameron?
kit1000_1 (9:38:48 PM): oh that IS morgan
Jack (9:39:26 PM): doing narrative... i thought so
kit1000_1 (9:39:38 PM): coolness
Jack (9:39:43 PM): great footage he has
Jack (9:39:54 PM): holy crap
kit1000_1 (9:40:01 PM): amazing
Jack (9:41:05 PM): here we go
Jack (9:41:10 PM): nicely merged
kit1000_1 (9:41:17 PM): very
kit1000_1 (9:41:41 PM): whoa, this is good
kit1000_1 (9:41:49 PM): nice parallels
Jack (9:41:55 PM): yeah... makes sense right?
kit1000_1 (9:42:03 PM): smart
Jack (9:43:22 PM): and a bag full of cash
kit1000_1 (9:43:54 PM): i want her accent
Jack (9:44:56 PM): tyin it up now
Jack (9:44:56 PM): oh
Jack (9:45:02 PM): nice fireworks shot
Jack (9:45:12 PM): well done
kit1000_1 (9:45:14 PM): yes yes
Jack (9:45:38 PM): not spielberg...
Jack (9:45:44 PM): spielberg-advised
kit1000_1 (9:45:45 PM): i'm so nervous for kerry
Jack (9:45:51 PM): are you watching PBS?
kit1000_1 (9:45:56 PM): yes
kit1000_1 (9:46:15 PM): cspan kept showing the freaks
kit1000_1 (9:47:11 PM): GOP plants in the newsroom, clearly
Jack (9:49:31 PM): i cannot help but bristle at all this Vietnam crap... I know why, but still...
Jack (9:49:36 PM): enuff
kit1000_1 (9:49:55 PM): it's been done, i agree
kit1000_1 (9:50:07 PM): uh oh who are these people
Jack (9:50:13 PM): niagara falls!
Jack (9:50:13 PM): what a dump
Jack (9:50:18 PM): from his PT boat
kit1000_1 (9:50:52 PM): too close to dukasis in his tank
Jack (9:51:01 PM): oh gawd
kit1000_1 (9:51:01 PM): we already KNOW about his war stuff
kit1000_1 (9:51:18 PM): skipper Skip
Jack (9:51:24 PM): all these guys......... didn't.............go into ..............POLITICS
Jack (9:51:29 PM): Wader Wade
Jack (9:51:53 PM): Go Jimmy Go Jimmy
kit1000_1 (9:52:43 PM): lullorama
Jack (9:52:49 PM): what's this guy do in life, that he can address millions with such presence...
kit1000_1 (9:53:07 PM): he's got presence... Jack (9:53:40 PM): well, he doesn't appear to be nervous... steady voice... i mean this is a pretty big spotlight, i'd wet my pants
kit1000_1 (9:53:51 PM): i'd freak
Jack (9:54:23 PM): Max Max Max Max Max
kit1000_1 (9:54:34 PM): max?
kit1000_1 (9:54:51 PM): oh him!
kit1000_1 (9:54:53 PM): wow
Jack (9:55:04 PM): now this guy HATES republicans
Jack (9:55:46 PM): nasty campaign that was
Jack (9:55:57 PM): hey jim... pipe down
Jack (10:06:54 PM): oh gawd
kit1000_1 (10:07:12 PM): oh boy
kit1000_1 (10:07:29 PM): so far so good
Jack (10:08:32 PM): he looks pretty charged....
Jack (10:08:37 PM): someone pot down the springsteen
kit1000_1 (10:08:44 PM): exACtly
Jack (10:09:36 PM): well duh
Jack (10:11:00 PM): oh man
Jack (10:11:05 PM): we get it already
kit1000_1 (10:11:07 PM): indeed
Jack (10:13:11 PM): endless
kit1000_1 (10:13:41 PM): ick
kit1000_1 (10:13:47 PM): no more familly crap
Jack (10:13:53 PM): he could really take some speech lessons from his daughter
Jack (10:14:35 PM): the indian guy says "feh"
kit1000_1 (10:14:43 PM): feh feh feh
Jack (10:14:59 PM): feh, wom
en's rights... what's that get me?
kit1000_1 (10:15:07 PM): ha Jack (10:15:59 PM): how many times have i told you johnny... no peeking behind the iron curtain
Jack (10:17:48 PM): put those thumbs down
kit1000_1 (10:18:00 PM): i KNOW!!!!!
kit1000_1 (10:18:02 PM): gaaa
Jack (10:18:08 PM): here here... truth is good
Jack (10:18:13 PM): he's a big gawk
kit1000_1 (10:18:47 PM): I I I I I I I too many I's
Jack (10:19:09 PM): i i i
Jack (10:19:14 PM): i have a hair in my mouth
Jack (10:19:19 PM): YEA
Jack (10:19:30 PM): YEA
Jack (10:19:47 PM): NOW YOU"RE TALKIN
kit1000_1 (10:19:57 PM): bring it down kit1000_1 (10:20:06 PM): now it's down
kit1000_1 (10:20:42 PM): i spilled my snapple all down my front with that hair in the mouth comment, btw
Jack (10:21:04 PM): sorry
kit1000_1 (10:21:15 PM): no it felt good
Jack (10:21:20 PM): kendu?
Jack (10:21:20 PM): oh, can do
kit1000_1 (10:21:31 PM): we we we
Jack (10:21:47 PM): we have a hair in our mouth
kit1000_1 (10:21:55 PM): STOP!!!!
Jack (10:22:06 PM): or...
Jack (10:22:11 PM): we we we
Jack (10:22:11 PM): all the way home
kit1000_1 (10:22:24 PM): short and sweet??
kit1000_1 (10:22:25 PM): yay
Jack (10:22:31 PM): THERE YOU GO
Jack (10:22:36 PM): JESSE
kit1000_1 (10:22:45 PM): can't he smile
kit1000_1 (10:22:48 PM): ever?
Jack (10:22:54 PM): no...
Jack (10:22:54 PM): it doesn't work
kit1000_1 (10:23:02 PM): jesse i mean
Jack (10:23:08 PM): yeah, i know
kit1000_1 (10:23:16 PM): all thumbs
Jack (10:23:22 PM): he's up there
Jack (10:23:22 PM): with his own thumbs
Jack (10:23:22 PM): doh
Jack (10:23:33 PM): son of a frickin millworker
Jack (10:23:43 PM): dick cheney = dirty word
Jack (10:23:54 PM): outsourcing too
kit1000_1 (10:23:59 PM): oh yeah
Jack (10:24:04 PM): outsourcing dick cheney
Jack (10:24:04 PM): buz buz buz
Jack (10:24:10 PM): for a billionaire
Jack (10:24:39 PM): really i shouldn't... oh stop
Jack (10:25:06 PM): especially the good lookin one
kit1000_1 (10:25:18 PM): now now
Jack (10:26:20 PM): was that alpha?
Jack (10:26:36 PM): braun to sharpton
kit1000_1 (10:26:52 PM): ha
Jack (10:27:34 PM): he's going too fast
kit1000_1 (10:27:46 PM): biden did a great riff on that theme
Jack (10:27:52 PM): take a breath
kit1000_1 (10:27:55 PM): the lost opp
kit1000_1 (10:28:04 PM): you're right, he is rushing
kit1000_1 (10:28:14 PM): HA
Jack (10:28:41 PM): good points... but it's almost like he knows the material TOO well
kit1000_1 (10:28:49 PM): yup
Jack (10:28:55 PM): good
kit1000_1 (10:29:20 PM): i can't relate to this part
kit1000_1 (10:29:24 PM): as a soccer mom
kit1000_1 (10:29:53 PM): YES let that voice break
Jack (10:30:25 PM): win the peace
kit1000_1 (10:30:50 PM): nice
Jack (10:30:55 PM): that's the way... get others killed
Jack (10:31:27 PM): i get it, i get it
Jack (10:32:09 PM): anti
kit1000_1 (10:33:22 PM): reach of our power, power of our reach woulda been better
kit1000_1 (10:33:31 PM): i don't like his speech writer that much
Jack (10:33:37 PM): i thot that's where it was goin
Jack (10:33:42 PM): he's not much of an orator either
kit1000_1 (10:33:52 PM): nope
kit1000_1 (10:34:03 PM): oh dear, bored people
Jack (10:34:09 PM): feh
Jack (10:34:20 PM): i feel fake energy
kit1000_1 (10:35:03 PM): big time
kit1000_1 (10:37:10 PM): end scene
kit1000_1 (10:37:12 PM): oh darn
Jack (10:37:18 PM): except for this one... it belongs to the Fleet Center
Jack (10:37:49 PM): he's not tasting the words...
kit1000_1 (10:38:02 PM): well put
Jack (10:38:34 PM): go
Jack (10:38:39 PM): more red meat
Jack (10:39:22 PM): i cut my pills in half
Jack (10:39:27 PM): it's fun
kit1000_1 (10:40:21 PM): hahah
kit1000_1 (10:40:38 PM): i just took a picture of my cat snoozing on top of kerry's head
kit1000_1 (10:41:04 PM): he's sweating, i'm sweating
Jack (10:41:46 PM): ha
Jack (10:41:57 PM): chant chant chant
Jack (10:41:57 PM): hair pollution
kit1000_1 (10:42:03 PM): helllp
kit1000_1 (10:42:12 PM): hahaha
kit1000_1 (10:42:18 PM): hell is on the way
Jack (10:43:00 PM): countdown to confetti 14 minutes
kit1000_1 (10:43:04 PM): oy
kit1000_1 (10:43:20 PM): my feet are asleep but i'm trying to be patriotic
Jack (10:44:30 PM): commie pinko feet
kit1000_1 (10:44:43 PM): i think SO
kit1000_1 (10:45:27 PM): yay! [i hope i'm middle class]
kit1000_1 (10:45:59 PM): i hope he c
an find an elegant way to wipe his chin
kit1000_1 (10:55:48 PM): i'm bushed kit1000_1 (10:56:01 PM): npi
kit1000_1 (10:56:11 PM): thank you. good night. god bless you.
kit1000_1 (10:56:20 PM): and god bless america