About Peter

Peter S. McKinley, Ph.D, is Vice President, Forest Operations/Ecological Planning, Hancock Land Company, in Casco, Maine. He graduated from Colby College in 1987 with a Bachelor's degree in Biology. After graduation he worked for the Concord, New Hampshire Conservation Commission on their open spaces and forest management plan. He returned to school to obtain his Master’s degree in Applied Ecology from Indiana University. He then spent four years working at Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences directing wildlife research on northern Maine industrial forests. Peter recently completed his Ph. D. with the University of New Brunswick. His research focuses on songbird, insect and tree interactions in industrial forests. Peter is responsible for administering forest and wildlife management activities, as well as forest operations.

Pretty dry, no? Well, in reality, Peter is so much more. He can: identify any bird on this planet by its vocal stylings; drop his canoe in any body of water at any moment (he travels everywhere with three of them) and just take off (often leaving Jeannie on the shore, weeping); rap with the best of them; imitiate pretty much any comedian alive; crack the most just-this-short-of-being-totally offensive-but-not-quite-and-therefore-hilARious jokes; has the very best taste in women.