Hi. I'm Jeannie's sister who thought it would be fun to make a website for Pete and Jean. Really, it's a project to pass the time and to help me not freak out that my younger sister is getting married and I'm not.

I live in New York City (Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood) and have been here for a while. I attended New York University (Tisch School of the Arts; BFA in Film Production because I'm nothing if not practical.) I currently work as a manager of online communications for a major financial institution headquartered in the World Financial Center in lower Manhattan.

Current self-improvement projects include learning Chinese (Mandarin) to be able to converse with my dear nieces Lily and Alice and brother Bruce and sister-in-law Betsy who are all also learning Chinese - I believe). I'm also learning how to read upside-down (I just think it could come in handy if I ever become a spy).