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July 18, 2004

Public statements made by George W. Bush and his official spokesmen since 1997: (from Harpers Magazine)

I知 not a statistician.
I知 not a numbers-cruncher.
I知 not one of these bean counters.
I知 not very analytical.
I知 not a precision guy.
The President is not a micromanager.
I知 not a member of the legislative branch.
The President is not a rubber stamp for the Congress.
I知 not a censor-guy.
I知 not a lawyer.
I知 not a doctor.
The President is not an economist.
The President of the United States is not a fact-checker.
I知 not a stockbroker or a stock-picker.
I知 not a forecaster.
I知 not a predictor.
I知 not a pollster, a poll-reader guy.
I知 not a very good prognosticator of elections.
I知 not a committee chairman.
I知 not of the Washington scene.
I知 not a lonely person.
I知 not a poet.
I知 not a very good novelist.
I知 not a textbook player.
I知 not an emailer.
I知 not a very long-winded person.
I知 not a very formal guy.
I am not a revengeful person.
I知 not an Iraqi citizen.
I知 not a divider.
I am not a unilateralist.
I知 not a tree, I知 a Bush.

Not sure why I'm still writing this log. Time between entries keeps extending and my readership has dropped to about 3. Oh well. As long as it's moderately therapeutic I'll continue. In the weeks leading up to the Republican convention, it's becoming more and more difficult to watch the news about it. What a horror - why NYC? I cannot imagine the annoyance to people who have to commute into Penn Station. Should be interesting, at least, and I just hope the organization (United for Peace and Justice)which staged the last two major anti-war rallies I attended will prevail in getting their way to march - not along the Westside Highway (what's the point?) but in Central Park.

Very pleased to receive my ACLU card, even though it says "Mr. S. Kit Thompson." I've notified them that I need another card with my name spelled right and won't be laminating this one just yet.

Latest urban horror story: I was walking home on Thursday, up Warren Street toward Greenwich. It was raining; head down, under my umbrella, I momentarily admired a tiny sparrow poking around in the detritus on the sidewalk in front of me. At that moment, it flew up - right into my umbrella where it - and I - freaked out. In less than a second it orbited my head while I screamed and waved the umbrella wildly, while inexplicably hopping up and down. The little bird escaped unharmed, as did I, but it was a very odd experience.

I have little more to say, except that yes, I spent the Fourth of July in Maine and had a lovely time. Actually caught the Damariscotta fireworks on a balmy, buggy night, which was a first - not too bad, actually. I kayaked in the pond and was ready to attempt the Eskimo roll but unfortunately fell out on my own twice - once while getting in the kayak and once when I took off too fast and forgot that I'd have to turn at the edge of the pond. Plop.

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